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The Dirtiest Of The Dirty

Today, I had the unfortunate privilege of seeing the under belly of the human race on display and boy was it vile.  Just when I thought we couldn’t stoop any lower.

An old co-worker from my previous job was complaining on her Facebook status about the mean things being said about her on a particular website.  Out of curiosity and maybe with nothing better to do,  I checked out said site.  A photo of her greeted me and the disparaging remarks were not too far behind.  The person responsible for submitting this poor girl for dishonorable mention, spared no sick, lurid detail in describing why she was worthy of being crucified and made her a target for further abusive comments by anyone who stumbled upon the entry, whether they knew her or not.  Sure enough, the nasty comments were plenty. is a website for the sole purpose for people to submit stories, most of them bad, about exes and anyone else you feel like defaming.   There is no way to verify these facts so innocent and guilty alike are tried, found guilty and their characters executed. I am shocked that such a site as this is allowed to function with impunity.

Back to my poor co-worker, she was subjected to some serious allegations of earth moving proportions.  Someone must have been very ticked off or in need some serious therapy. It’s one thing to be mad at someone but to publicly ridicule them to such extent is unfathomable, at least by me.  The comments were venomous, wicked, sick, disgusting and totally below anything that is considered unacceptable.

The girl I knew is a single mom who was jilted at the altar last year.  She is in the process of making something of her life and I am sure does not need this painful setback.  Maybe she has skeletons, who don’t and who cares? Maybe she hurt people, well that’s between her and those involved.  There is no need for me and the rest of the world to be a part of the audience of this dirty laundry airing.   It’s not for us or anyone to cast stones.

I hope that this site is taken down before it continues to cause more harm to other people.  It’s a scar on society when we allow such things to run untethered among us.  I hope my friend finds some comfort in the fact that many comments were cast in her defense.

Just another example of how the pen is mightier than the sword.


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