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House For Sale! No Appointment Necessary.

After a couple of weeks of pretending to be Real Estate Agents, we tendered our resignation, bit the bullet and went with a real Real Estate Agent.  Who cares about saving a few thousands in commission anyways?  Totally overrated.  (Sarcasm people!) Let someone else handle the grunt work while I kick back.

Unfortunately, with an Agent my house is now available to be shown with minimal notice.  This means that no matter what I am doing, I could get a call that someone would like to see my house and if I want it sold then I’d better high-tail it out of there while leaving it in show home condition.  Talk about pressure.  Anyways I am now a pro at making the beds and cleaning the house in under 5 minutes! That’s pit crew numbers right there.

The kids do not take well to being interrupted from their game of Wii or as in the case of the teenager, from lying under the blanket watching music videos, to be hauled unceremoniously out into the cold.  I also do not relish the idea much but we gotta do what we gotta do.

The evening that we had our first showing was the evening that I quite uncharacteristically, left my house keys at work.  So what’s the big deal right? Well my wife had given her key to the Real Estate Agent so he could gain entry when we were not at home.  Still not a big deal.  When we got the call that we were having a viewer, we packed everyone up and went to hang out at the mall.  We watched the kids play while we sat and drank coffee.

When we were certain that our visitors were gone, we headed home.  At the door, I found out in dismay that none of us had a house key. I then proceeded to walk around the house, (a few times) to see if I could find a window left open but the Agent had done an excellent job locking all doors and windows before exiting.  I tried unsuccessfully to reconstruct a break-in. I tried forced entry. We called the Locksmith. They were closed. We called the neighbors to see if we were smart and had given them a key. No we didn’t.

In total frustration and fingers numb from the cold, we called Amie’s mom and asked if by chance she had a key for our house. Thankfully she did.  We drove to her house and collected a few different keys as she wasn’t sure which was which and fortunately, the first one I tried worked! We were in!

The next day, I had four keys cut.


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