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The case of the phantom cell phone

Person using cell phone while driving.

Last month, a retired couple was pulled over by The Winnipeg Police while driving home from lunch.  Here. The offence, operating a hand-held device while driving.  Normally this would be end of story. Man uses cell, gets pulled over, ticketed, the end but NO, it was not the end.  Turned out that the man who was driving did not, according to him and his wife, own a cell phone.  Apparently he tried to point this out to the officer but was ignored and given a ticket.

As there are two sides to every story, the police has now come out with their take which alleges that the officers were seven to eight feet away from the driver when he was observed with a cell to his ear.  My, My, My. Gets weirder by the minute.

Now the cops are saying, “See you in court if you think you were done wrong.” and the gentleman is saying, “See you in court if you think you have something on me.”  Guys what we have here is a Mexican standoff, sorta.

So who is right? Was the officer certain that what he saw was indeed the gentleman with a cell to his ear or was he adjusting his hearing aid?  Or is said gentleman suffering early signs of senility and thinks he doesn’t own a cell phone when he fact he does and was actually using it? If so, where was it?

I am confused.  You read it for yourself and be the judge.




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