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My Facebook Daughter

Do you know I have a daughter? No? I guess if you don’t really know me then you wouldn’t have known. You would know about my three boys as they are the ones I blog about all the time. Well I do have a daughter. Two for that matter.  One of them is My Facebook Daughter. What are you talking about, Carlos? I can almost hear you asking. What is a Facebook Daughter?  Well I am sorry for the confusion so without perplexing you any further, let me explain.

A few months after I became a member of Facebook, I received I think my very first Facebook message.  The message was from someone who was not on my friends’ list and who I did not recognize. It simply stated that if my name was the Carlos Walcott that knew her mom then she is my daughter.  She then apologized somewhat for the potential heart stopping shock of the message and assured me that she wasn’t of the intention to create problems for me and my family.

Ok, you could have knocked me over with a feather after reading this message 100 times.  I then called my wife and let her have a go at it. I was like ‘Here it comes. Garnish wages, retroactive to boot. Life as I know it was over.’  It took me a while to respond but when I did I confirmed her theory.  What now? We decided to do some catching up and catch up we did.

Let’s back up the truck a bit on this as you are probably even more confused now about all this.

Some years before this eventful Facebook message, I had visited Canada for the first time and in that short time, (Don’t judge me! It was a year.) I met and dated a nice female.  Just before I was about to return to my country, she stated that she might be pregnant. Unfortunately, I had to return to my country before anything could be planned or confirmed.  Upon returning to Canada, this time as a permanent resident, my nice female had moved to another province without a forwarding address.  I decided then to let it go and that’s what I did.  Maybe I should have tried harder to find out what happened but I was at the crucial time in my life,  friends, party, casual dating, you know the routine for a guy that was my age and new to the bright lights, big city.

As I got older and the party and social life waned, I thought once again of my lost daughter.  But Carlos, how do you know you had a daughter if she took off never to be seen again? Well during my socializing, I hobnobbed with mutual friends of the nice female and they told me that nice lady had given birth to a daughter that was the spitting image of me.  I wasn’t sure if I should take the initiative and try to contact my kid.  In hindsight I should have but I am bull-headed so sue me.

One smart thing I always did was I always let my partners know that there might be a child out there with my name on it.  This eliminated the surprise factor when that message showed up.  My wife had anticipated a child showing up on my doorstep one day saying ‘Here I am daddy!’  Good thing it didn’t go that way.

So my daughter, whose name is Phylissa turned out to be a beautiful young woman. I added her on Facebook and we shared photos and stories so Daddy could catch up on what he missed.  I was stunned to see that she was indeed a female version of me. She looks more like me than any of my sons. (Poor girl).

My Facebook daughter has visited me twice and we have grown really close.  I bounce ideas of her and she does likewise.  She is like a mini me and it’s almost uncanny. There are times, lots of times, when I do have regrets that things were not different but then I am glad for what we have. For what we salvaged. Everything happens for a reason even if we don’t know what these reasons are so I am enjoying the fact that I have a beautiful daughter and I am a part of her life.  She is just as important to me as my boys.


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2 thoughts on “My Facebook Daughter

  1. debut dad on said:

    That’s a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear a positive story come out from facebook… normally it’s all negatives with cyber bullying and stalking etc.

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