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Schools can make our kids more stupider


I have been on a rant about school in the last year or so.  It all started when I took in my teen-aged high school cousin to live with us, thus experiencing first hand and for the first time, how the school system works. I don’t like it one bit and I am surprised that no one thinks to complain. Maybe I’m jumping the gun here and the issues are just isolated to this school. If so,  I apologize for generalizing.

The issues that irk me are based on the way teachers seem to trivialize students’ accountability.  For example, my cousin got 13% on one of his subjects. (He is in Grade 9).  We called the teacher to find out where he went wrong and the teacher assured us that we had nothing to worry about.  He even ventured to say that had he gotten 40% he would have been more concerned as that would mean he knew the stuff but could’t apply it.  Or some hogwash to that nature.  Stomp on my foot and call me stupid but I fail to see the logic in this.

Another thing is that even though we made it plain to the school that we want any changes in my kid’s schedule, behavior etc to be reported to us immediately, we still never know anything until weeks or months after the fact when it slips out in conversation.  My cousin is something of a problem teen with issues and needs structure.  The school knows this but fails or refuse to give any help in terms of feedbacks.

Last year, he failed Grade nine English.  We weren’t happy as we knew the major reason was his lack of effort. No homework, no using free period wisely.  We withdrew his cell phone privileges until this is improved.  To our dismay, the school insisted on providing ‘outs’ and excuses for his failure.  I understand the sensitivity associated with children and their growth but I also understand the seriousness of promoting children without merit. He fails, he stays is my philosophy.   I want nothing from him but to try his best. I don’t want A’s I want E’s. E for Effort that is.   I also want his teachers to hold him accountable for slacking off.  He is a big boy, he could and should handle it.


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