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The White Van

This morning while listening to the news on the radio I noted with interest that there was another sexual assault incident involving a suspect in a white van.  Yes, another white van.  This led me to ponder, what’s with the white vans?  Does owning a white van turn one into a rapist or do rapists prefer this mode of transportation?  Seems almost like trying to decide the problem of the chicken or the egg doesn’t it? What comes first, the rapist or the white van?

I am not saying that rapists should change vehicles. That would be condoning the crime of rape.  I am just merely trying to find how why a white van is used. If it is for kidnapping purposes, can’t any other color work for that matter? Again I am not trying to trivialize this sensitive issue.  Rape and any other form of sexual misconduct is not to be taken lightly.  If you or anyone you know have been victimized, I am deeply sorry.

Would it be a good idea to screen men that want to purchase  white vans? Or maybe keep track of owners of such vans?  I am just firing in the dark here.

You know what, Mr. White Van Rapist? We know what you drive. We gonna find you.  You so dumb!





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