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Daddy pushed a guy today

No, I didn’t actually push someone per se.  I am not prone to aggressive behavior.  What I really did was pushed a car that was stuck in a snow drift.

You know how we are, or at least most of us are generally nice people deep down? We would give the shirts off our backs without notice if anyone needed it. Well some of us.  We know about the intangible benefits of helping those less fortunate but unfortunately, we would rather the less fortunate person show up on our doorstep rather than seeking him out. So we end up not doing too much to help anyone but deep down we would if given the chance because we are nice.

So today while out on my lunch break, I drove by a guy in a Pontiac Sunfire trying to get it going without any luck.  The little tin can was stuck in a pile of snow and was literally just spinning its wheels.  Without hesitation I pulled over and parked my car as my ‘nice’ kicked into high gear.  Here was the moment I had waited for.  The moment where I experience the true meaning of life.  Where I bask in the intangibles of assisting someone in need. I reached for my gloves.

As I stepped out of my car, I couldn’t help feeling like a super hero coming to the rescue of some poor citizen in distress as I pulled on my big black gloves. As I approached the stricken vehicle, I hoped against hope that it suddenly won’t decide to get a grip and take off thus denying me my chance to do a good deed.  I could see myself standing there with snow covering my face as I looked at the disappearing vehicle, departing with my intangibles.  Undelivered.

Alas, it was my day. I would not be denied. The car stayed stuck. I bravely took my stance behind the little Sunfire and put my back into a nice strong heave.  The man gunned the engine and after a couple rolls back and forth, the sardine can was free!  The driver got out immediately and uttered his thanks to me and I graciously drank in the moment. My moment.  “You are welcome” I said as though it was just another day in the life of a Super Hero Daddy while deep down, I was basking in the intangibles.  The feeling that I made someone’s day.  The satisfaction that I did a good deed without being asked or coerced.

I teach my boys never to push or shove but sometimes there are exceptions. Like when Daddy pushed a guy today.


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