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If they build it I will come, if I sell it I will go

This house selling is playing havoc on my peace of mind. At first I thought it would be an easy task. Put it up for sale, buyers bid, we accept, done! like dinner!  Well it is turning out to be a bit harder than that.  Not a piece of cake as first envisioned. It’s been two weeks since we enlisted the help of a Real Estate Agent.  Approximately twenty viewers later and one bid, we are still pretty much where we started.

Beautiful home, uniquely designed, competitively priced.  So what is the hold up? Why aren’t we in a bidding war? Timing? Maybe.  The first viewer we had, made an offer fifteen thousand below our asking price.  We turned him down and scoffed at his offer but as the days go by I am starting to wonder about the sanity of that. Maybe it’s just me being a worrier…

On the building side of things.  Our possession date is set for July 15th.  I drive by the site almost daily to check progress or in this case, lack of.  I am not a pro at this but we are looking at four months to build a house.  Isn’t that pushing a bit or am I just a worrier? I am thinking that at least I should be seeing a gaping hole in the ground indicating someone at least have looked at building us a house. Even a gopher hole would be a nice. Man oh man, this is frustrating.

Patience Carlos, patience…


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