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The Goody Two-Shoes Driver

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This morning while running on a very tight schedule, I was unfortunately stuck behind a vehicle whose driver was not only intent on delaying me further but also seemed to be going the same place as I was.  I fumed and did a slow burn when he pulled up to a stop sign as I think he actually put the car in park each time.  When he got going, he kept well within the speed limit.

Ok, I got it! You are turning right up ahead.  You have been signalling a block away now turn already!  I thought this as followed this pace setter in a snail’s race.  I glanced at the time that was ticking away in mockery of me.  It was infuriating.  It was stressful. It raised my blood pressure. Traveling the speed limit?  Coming to a dead stop at stop signs? Signalling way in advance of turning? Who is this guy? Some sort of Goody Two-Shoes driver?

I didn’t pass him when I got the  chance. No way!  Why would I? I can’t afford a speeding ticket first thing on a Saturday morning.  So I stayed comfortably behind him and cursed his ancestors.

I arrived at my destination only one minute late (I forgot to mention that I sort of left home a little late. Sort of) and without a demerit on my driving record.  Thank you Mr. Goody Two-Shoes.  I wish everyone drove like you.  Your ancestors should be proud.

In case you missed it, the point is that many of us are guilty of getting mad when we get stuck behind someone who chose to obey traffic rules.  We blame them for making us run late for work or appointments because it is easier than accepting responsibility.  That was my initial reaction to driving behind Mr. Two-Shoes.  I was smart to realize that I was the one with the problem and needed an attitude adjustment.  The roads need more Goody Two-Shoes drivers and that’s exactly my take.


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