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The Bachelor Or The Player?

Finally someone else is seeing the reality show The Bachelor for what it really is (The female version is not exempted).  It is a show that is contradicting all the values we try to instill in our children.  It also erodes the very fabric of our society on a whole.

I know that for sensationalism, shows like this feed societal cravings.  We want to see love. We want to see our favorite girl gets the guy even at all cost.  Cost being that he ‘samples’ the other girls then drop them like it’s hot.  In our own soap box, some of us would not accept this sort of behavior from the men in our lives.  We would find it unacceptable. Reprehensible. Sick. Disgusting.

So today, I read with some degree of satisfaction that Barbara Walters has sided with me and slammed the show for what it is, degrading to both sexes and a step back for humanity. (those are my words). Her piece  can be read here.

My take on this whole thing is that we as a society practice a double standard when it comes to what we watch and embrace on television and what we live.  The things we abhor in real life are relished when packaged in a television show.  We fail to recognize that these shows do involve real people with real lives and real feelings.

This show should be called ‘The Player’.


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