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Facebook Privacy

One of my favorites that I have to reblog.

My Takes

So apparently, Facebook is not as private as we would like and all our most intimate information is liable to be shared by a third party.  WOW!!  Some breaking news!  Who would have thunk it?  Someone better alert the authorities to this major breach of trust.  I for one never thought they would do such a think (prepare for sarcasm) and that’s why I had all my bedroom stories, complete with pictures, on Facebook for only my 600 plus friends to see.   (I am shy and a bit of an introvert).  My status updates regularly mirror my soul as I bare it to just my friends, well and maybe friends of my friends and their friends also but they are sort of my friends still as they are connected to my friends, right?   I would never share that kind of information with ANYONE else so Facebook doesn’t have…

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