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I am mad! Exasperated! I have always considered myself quite knowledgeable and capable when it comes to computers and anything computer related.  I am an avid Facebooker, Pinterester, Stumbleuponer and…well that’s about it.  I am always in with the computer in-crowd, part of the computer world, leaving my footprints all over the world wide web.  So how do you explain my lack of appetite when it comes to Twitter?  I just can’t wrap my head around this one.  I have joined twice, no wait, make that thrice. Yes, three times and still have yet to get past a twit or tweet. I just cannot get the whole idea of it.

Stop!  No need to tell me that Twitter serves a purpose in getting information out to the masses quickly.  I know that.  I also know that it is a great marketing tool and quite handy with businesses.  Heck I sometimes wonder how we actually survived without it in those good old days.  How did we know what was going on across the globe? How did businesses survive? Scary thought eh?  However and whatever, I still don’t get it. The relevance and importance are still lost on me.  Call me old-fashioned. Call me anti-progress.

My very first introduction to Twitter was when I was asked if I tweeted and responded with a “Sorry, I had beans for breakfast.”  No, you idiot, Twitter! Are you on Twitter?  “What’s that? A new drug? Isn’t that the sound birds make?.”  I admit, my mind does have a mind of its own and works in mysterious ways.  I was then made to understand that Twitter was the new Social Network craze and enables peons like me to keep up to what my favorite celebs were doing.  The stuff they wrote about was called a tweet.

For a split second, I was interested. Very. Then I quickly realized that I really didn’t know any celebrities that I would care to read what they were up to, or follow as it was called.  I also didn’t own a business that I wanted to advertise.  The whole ‘Follow’ thing sounded so creeperish.  Call me old-fashioned.  Hater.  Whatever.  I think this whole thing is over rated.  For me to make it a hobby of following what celebrities are doing is like going through my rich neighbors’ garbage or reading The National Enquirer or Star magazines.  Same crap different pile.

Most of my friends and people I know are account holders on Twitter.  Nothing wrong with that.  To each his own. Some may derive a degree of satisfaction from tweeting or following and being followed. Some may garner increased business and publicity.  I have enough of that on Facebook so I don’t and that’s ok too.  For you, break a leg! Sweet Tweets!

The foregoing is not intended as a diss on Twitter or Tweeters or even Twits.  As I always say, it’s My Take so don’t take offense.  It’s all good!




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