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It’s such a nice feeling when your real estate agent calls you to let you know that you have a serious offer.  You are on pins and needles waiting for him to show up with the paperwork.  Our offer was not exactly what we were asking but poor Daddy was getting tired of this game of musical house.  My wife did not share my feelings. She wanted to hold out for asking price.  Call me chicken.

The relief is great.  I can now concentrate on the new house and save all my stress for when it comes down to possession date.  It’s really good  spending the evenings and weekends in my house without worrying about a phone call coming it, telling me to get out.  The only upside of it was the fast food but everything good must come to an end.

Stick in the snow

As this is our first brand new home, it’s a very exciting time for the family especially Amie and I.  We drive past our building site every day to check on progress.  Until a week ago, progress was just a stick in the mud with the number 18 on it.  Very disappointing.  Last week Friday we finally got a hole and yesterday we got piles. I am planning to take photos to track the building.

Stick in the mud

Oh, and I think I’ll leave the house unclean for a week just to catch up.  I am all cleaned out.  Just kidding.  When I’m done writing this blog, it’s spring cleaning time for me and unfortunately, the wife chose today Saturday to make up a shift so daddy will clean, cook and play mommy today.

Hole with Piles! Now that's progress


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