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I have decided to curb my usage of the common internet slangs  LOL, LMAO and ROFL, which I rarely use anyways.  I am going to go retro and start using the smiley face instead. 🙂  Come on, they are being overused as it is, especially lol.  Look in the mirror next time as you send a text with lol at the end.  You are probably looking as serious as a heart attack yet you are saying to your friend that you are laughing out loud.

Whenever I use ‘lol’,  I feel stupid. I picture myself actually sitting or standing there alone laughing out loud to something not remotely funny.   How hilarious is ‘I am running late today as I couldn’t find the sugar for my coffee. lol?’  A smiley face turned upside down into a frown would have been more apt.  Don’t you agree?  I have a friend that writes ‘lol’ at the end of her every text or message.  ‘I am coming over to visit you guys, lol’  ‘I heard you are not feeling well today. lol’ Seriously?

I have never been close to laughing my ass off. Never.  So why do I use LMAO so regularly?  When I use it, I imagine myself in a fit of uncontrollable laughter.  Try getting me to laugh like that.  Unless you are a comedian, impossible.  Us black people we don’t laugh our asses off and you could tell that from looking. We just laugh out loud and leave it at that.  Have  you laughed yours off? lol, jk, nm.

My wife told me a true story about someone’s mom who thought LOL meant Lots Of Love.  She sent a text to her daughter to let her know that a relative had died.  The text went something like this:  ‘Hey hon, just letting you know that your aunt has died. lol”   Poor woman…

Does using just a simple smiley face make me seem less enthusiastic? Then good, I should be curbing my enthusiasm anyways.




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