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Confessions Of A Momma’s Boy

I am a momma’s boy.  Yeah but to a point. Fortunately not to not to the point where I rely on my mother to for everything or most things.   (She watches my boys once a week but that’s not relying on her is it?).  Saying this, I  enjoy her cooking and her baking.  I do. I really do. Especially her breads and cakes and her chicken and rice and curry beef…

At the ripe old age of 26, I came to Canada.   Momma herself had been living here many years before.  She had come in hopes of getting a better life for herself and her four kids.   Unfortunately, due to the system that was in place, she had to leave us behind in the care of relatives.  We were still very young so none of us had forged any serious bond with her.

Mom regularly communicated with us by phone and letters so it was not awkward when we saw each other again.  I took to her right away and worked on filling that void that was created when she left.  I think that’s when I started becoming a momma’s boy.

Mommy and her big boys

Fast forward to the present and my mom is now one of my best friends. ( I am against best friend parenting but in my case, it’s different.  Trust me it is).  I call her up a few times every single day, sometimes even after spending time with her.  After my wife and kids, she’s the next closest person to me.

Here comes the kicker.  I have never ever told my mom I love her.  Yes, I am not joking. I have never once said to my mom, ‘I Love You’.  I have thought it and I do love her but never said it and can’t say it.  Don’t ask why because I don’t know.  Does she say it to me? No, never.  We write it in greeting cards but never vocalized it.  Would I like to? Of course. More than anything.  It is something that bothers me .  It has now become something of  a bucket list item.  ‘Tell mommy I love her before I die.’  I have looked at her wanting to hug or and say to her, ‘I love you, have a good night’ but can’t.  Daddy can’t tell his mommy that he loves her! How pathetic!  Daddy barely hugs his mommy! Double pathetic! Double Fail!

One day, I know I am going to wish for an opportunity to say the L word to her.  One day it’s going to be too late.  One day they will say ‘He USED to be a momma’s boy but didn’t have the guts to tell her he loved her’.  My situation would be used to teach others the value of telling your momma you love her while she’s alive.  While you are alive.   Not just mom but anyone dear to you.

How could one be a momma’s boy yet not tell momma that he loves her?

So mom, if pigs suddenly could fly and you somehow became computer literate and found this blog while navigating the world-wide web, know that I love and appreciate you.  I am proud to be momma’s boy.

Momma's boy and mommy at his wedding social


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