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GCB – Good Christian Belles

What do you get when Daddy joins Mommy while she watches her tv shows? A Daddy hooked on shows like Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and GCB.  Well GCB was kinda my idea after I saw the trailer but you get my point.

Good Christian Belles or GCB as it is called, is a show about the ‘other side’ of church goers, the underbelly if you may.  The side that is there but we don’t see unless we go home with our fellow Christians after church.  Although in some cases you don’t need to.

I had a negative reaction to it at first.  I thought it was making fun of Christianity and bordering on blasphemous.  I however decided to give it a try and watched an entire episode.  I was glad I did.  Many may not agree but I like the premise of this show.  It’s funny, witty and very much poignant.   The truth does hurt and it’s time we accept it.

Sometimes it is not a bad thing for us to see ourselves the way we really are.  Our shortcomings and our flaws.  It could make us take a long hard look in the mirror and ask, ‘Am I like that? Am I guilty of being selfish? Am I really living the life I preach?’.  Many times we think that accepting God as our savior and attending church regularly give us a free ticket to do whatever we want without paying the price.  Alas, this is not so. We are not exempted because we are Christians.  We are still judged by the same jury as the non-christians.

I am a Christian. I attend church regularly.  GCB does nothing to undermine my faith nor do I feel threatened in any way.  In the same way that showing sleazy, conniving, backbiting men on tv shows does nothing to undermine my manhood.

Did you know that  GCB was originally called Good Christian Bit**es?  Watching the show you could see why but I agree that this was a bit too much.

My take, don’t watch tv with your wife.  You never know what you’d end up being addicted to.  Now I’m off to watch ‘The Bachelor’ that we PVR’d.  I need a good cry.  jk, lmao!   oops! I meant 🙂


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