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Heading for the hills come Doomsday? You won’t be alone.


I like this!

Click on this blog if you believe in the Doomsday crap madness that is gripping the world.  Oh never mind, you have already clicked on it.   Gullible much?  At least you are not alone in this regard.  There is a mountain in France called Pic De Bugarach where many believe that on December 12th, which is the predicted date of Doomsday, aliens will be doing a pickup there. Just like cabs at an airport.  They are going to be beamed up but not by Scotty and there won’t be any other signs of life down here.  So far 20,000 plus people have gathered there maybe to get front row seats.  (You’d better start packing).

Who comes up with this rubbish?  And why do people fall for this sort of transparent insanity?  Read some of the related articles for yourself and see what a crazy place we call home.  Madness lurks among us.

Now stop reading blogs and go get your stuff all ready to go.  Your friends are waiting.

Beam me up, Scotty.  There REALLY is no intelligent life down here.


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