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Dealing With My Son’s First Dump

My wife and I tried really hard to have a girl.  I am not sure how one can try to have a boy or girl so maybe I should say we wished and hoped to have a girl.  Apparently it wasn’t to be and every once in a while, I have experiences that make me happy that our wish was not granted

About two months ago, our 3-year-old pre-schooler revealed to us that he now had a girlfriend.  He was so cute and shy when he said it that we made him tell his grandparents and our friends.  Break the good news, why not? It was his first relationship and Daddy hoped it would gradually get serious then lead to marriage.

Whenever I picked him up from pre-school, he would call out goodbye to his ‘girlfriend’ and she would come running over to give him a big bone-crushing hug.  It was so very cute and I was happy for him.  I would stand there beaming while he went through these rituals.

About two weeks ago, my wife told me that his girlfriend had now set her eyes on another boy.  When she picked him up from school, he went over to say his goodbyes and she turned her back on him and went to talk to this new home wrecker.  I was mad! How dare her play my son? Ripped his heart right out of his chest! I thought back to how happy he was when he first told us about his relationship status and I felt terrible for the little one.

Give him some credit, the boy took his dumping better than I did.  Maybe it didn’t quite sink because he continued his after-school routine of saying goodbye to her only to be met with the cold shoulder every time.  I wanted to have a talk with her and maybe her mom.  ‘Why aren’t you talking to my son anymore?’ ‘How come your daughter is not talking to my son?  Does he smell? What? Why? That is so not nice! I hope you get it handed back to you in spades! Player!‘ My wife said that was going to far so how far is too far?

Now you see why I am glad I have three boys? I could just imagine my reaction to Daddy’s little girl coming home crying from a breakup.

My wife thinks I’m over-reacting.  After all they are just kids.  It won’t be his last she says. I agree, after some thought. I do have a message to the young woman who now has the distinction of being the first to break the heart of one of my boys, watch your back!  Daddy’s not happy, mess with one Walcott boy and you mess with the clan!

We gonna find you, homegirl!!

nm, jk.




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2 thoughts on “Dealing With My Son’s First Dump

  1. They better learn early about the “fickle female”. She has the prerogative to change her mind. Only having girls, our plan was to keep them as far away from the boys as long as possible. Respect the little Miss from perhaps listening to the advice of her folks–those Walcott boys are chick magnets!

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