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Circus And Mancake Brunch

Yesterday evening I shouldered my way through a group of protesters as I made my way into the MTS Center to check out the Circus Mondo with my family.   No, I am not cold and uncaring.  I even accepted a leaflet graciously.  It’s just that I had to see for myself if indeed the animals were being mistreated and if not, then enjoy a good circus experience.  Sorry protesters.

The animals seemed well cared for, at least to the eye.  The monkey even smiling as he went through his act.  One horse bolted out of the ring and back through the exit before anyone could stop him.  He was brought back but insisted on trying to escape.  I am not sure if that act of defiance was a sign that it was being abused.

All in all, the kids had a good time and it was what it was.  Nothing too exciting or remarkable.  A little too expensive if you ask me.  (Good thing I won tickets from the radio).  As for the animals, the evidence of mistreatment was inconclusive.  On that note, I will be researching all accusations of abuse from this and other circuses and if they are true, I will take my stand against animal cruelty by not being a spectator.

This morning the boys and I decided it was time for our signature pancake breakfast.  Unfortunately, by the time daddy was done doing whatever he was doing, it was past breakfast and closer to lunch so we decided to do a brunch instead. (We coined the term ‘Mancake’ because it involves just us Walcott’s men and as the boys put it, ‘We eat like men’).

Mancakes and strawberries

I made about 18 mancakes.  They were not that big.  Kenyan had 6 of them and his brothers finished with 5 apiece. I had a modest 2 which did not exactly meet the ‘eat like a man’ standard.  (I had no choice as that was all that was left).  I also rounded off the brunch with fried eggs and strawberries on the side.

Eating like men

And here goes number six!


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