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Never Mind Me, You Should See The Boys! (A letter to Dad, from Daddy)

Dear Dad, can I still call you Dad?  I mean I’m no longer a kid and you’ve never really been a daddy to me.  (What makes up being a Dad anyways? I must google… ) But yeah, Dad, I know we barely know each other.  I can only remember seeing you twice in my life and both were less than memorable.  The last time was in 2004.  I thought you would have been more excited to see me but you weren’t.  I felt like I was a casual acquaintance instead of your son but I am over all that now, I am a grown man. This letter is not about me, it’s about your grandsons who you don’t know.  So let’s forget about me.

Mikhail is our first-born. He was born October 12th, 2006(remember the date for future reference), which means he’s five years old.  He is very smart and we are all proud of his every achievement as we are with the other two.  As a matter of fact Dad, he’s one of two kids in his class who are allowed to pick their own books because their reading is above the class’ level.  How cool is that? Were you ever proud of me?  Sorry, never mind.

Kenyan is the second and he was born on July 11th 2008. (You might want to remember that too.).  He’s one tough little fella, quite smart too. He is street smart whereas Mik is booksmart. Not to take anything away from either of them.  He loves to scrap with his big brother or whoever else is willing to take up his challenge and is not afraid of much. Kenyan wants to be a boxer, a hockey player, a football player, whatever catches his fancy.  He is a natural at any sport he tries and holds the Wii record for bowling.   He regularly gets 8 or more strikes in a row.  Kenyan also has the most infectious laugh.  He also loves his skinny jeans.

Our youngest is Treyton. He turned two years old on December 23rd.  Trey as we call him, is a blend of his two brothers.  He gets into trouble a lot and loves to say ‘I won’t do it again’ when he is caught red-handed.  He is also able to hold in own in the smarts department. He can repeat entire songs and surprises us daily with his knowledge.

Mikhail attends a French immersion school and practices his French at home, because of this, Trey can count to 15 and Kenyan to 20 in French. Not bad for a 2 and 3-year-old you would admit.   Was I a smart kid?

My father-in-law dotes on his grandsons.  They call him Papa.  He plays baseball with them every chance he gets and has hopes that at least one of them will go on to be in the big leagues. Good luck with that, Papa.  His rallying cry when he comes over to visit is ‘Have no fear, Papa is here!’ The boys would come running no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Their Grandmothers also spoil the boys.  Nana, as they fondly call my mom, babysits them every monday while Grandma, Amie’s mom, watches the big boys on Thursdays and Fridays.  Grandma acts mean but I know she spoils the boys when they are at her place. Both her and Papa have a soft spot for Mikhail.  I guess it’s because he’s their first.

There’s so much I could tell you about the boys but I am sharing this letter with some readers and i don’t want to take up too much of their time.  Maybe I’ll drop you an update sometime in the future.

Dad, Please don’t take this personal but want to thank you for inadvertently teaching me how to be a good daddy by not being one yourself. You taught me the things that I shouldn’t do. Because you weren’t there, I vowed to be always there for my boys.  I cannot imagine living without them in my life.   By never showing me love, I never stop letting my boys know how much I love them.   I love you too, Dad.   Yeah, I do.

Whenever you are alone, don’t you ever wish that your grandsons were sitting on your knee while you read to them? Wouldn’t you like to have them run to you yelling,  “Papa is here!”? Dad, I know you think I still harbor ill will towards you, I don’t.  It’s not about me anymore, so never mind me dad, you really should see the boys…  your Grandsons.

Take care,

Your son, Carlos

P.S.  I am enclosing some photos of the boys for you to see what they look like.

Mikhail the soccer star

Kenyan the next soccer star

Treyton, the model

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3 thoughts on “Never Mind Me, You Should See The Boys! (A letter to Dad, from Daddy)

  1. I love this. I’m sorry your dad didn’t step up and be a good parent to you. At least your boys have a father who dotes on them.

    You have some really adorable boys!

    — Bird

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