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Justice For Trayvon Martin Should Have Been Served Hot

The unfortunate and tragic incident involving the shooting of a young black kid, Trayvon Martin, has got me doing some reading as I try to come to my own unbiased conclusions.  From what I have read so far, I see it as an isolated case of  an unprovoked confrontation gone wrong.  Nothing I read made me think it had anything to do with race.  Zimmerman, the guy who shot young Trayvon, acted over zealously and obviously has some underlying and unresolved personal issues.  No one knows what was driving him that night.  It would have been advisable to have him tested for drug use following the shooting but unfortunately this was not done.

This case has gotten more than its fair share of publicity due in part to the racial undertones that also makes it so volatile.  Should Zimmerman have been arrested and charged? Absolutely.  Manslaughter, or second degree murder charges should have been brought against him.  It was indeed a miscarriage of justice on the part of the system.  The definition of justice states: ‘The upholding of what is just, especially fair treatment and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law’.  Everyone is innocent until proven guilty but when there someone is killed in an altercation, the killer, if his guilt could be ascertained, should be arrested then and there.  Heck, I’ve known several cases right here in my city where a home owner was charged for defending his property.

In a world where fear and hate walk hand in hand, events like this unfold daily with the same consequences.  Maybe it was a hate crime, maybe it wasn’t.  Either way it should never had happened but it did and it does and I hate to say it but it will always happen.  What should we do?  We have to be ready to forgive and not seek revenge.  Ready to be open to the fact that even though they acted like monsters, they are still humans in need of help.  Zimmerman obviously had demons that night.  He was walking around armed and willing to use firepower on an unarmed youth that he outweighed by 40 pounds.  It doesn’t matter if the kid was white or yellow, justice must be served.

It is a pity that it took the voices of the masses to finally spur the system to right the wrong and seek to bring charges against Zimmerman.  I hope that he gets a fair trial and come to terms with what he did.  I also hope he seeks and gets the help he certainly needs.

And that’s my take.

NOTE:  Immediately after drafting this blog, the news broke that George Zimmerman was arrested and charged with second degree murder of the unarmed youth.  I added the last paragraph and changed the topic to reflect this.


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3 thoughts on “Justice For Trayvon Martin Should Have Been Served Hot

  1. Greetings! You said that “nothing I read made me think it had anything to do with race.” Perhaps you’ve yet to read of how Zimmerman referred to Trayvon as a “f**king coon”? Perhaps you haven’t noticed that this is not only a continuing trend of a lack of follow-up on crimes perpetrated against black people? Or maybe you have not contextualized this within the context of the policeman who’s been protected (for months) after shooting 68-year-old retired Marine, Kenneth Chamberlain, a black man, who set off his medic alert alarm in his sleep and ended up tazed, shot in the chest, and dead as a result. Perhaps, you haven’t considered that had it been a black man who had shot a young white kid, that there would be no way in heck that that black man would have been walking around free, and armed, for weeks afterwards?

    Lynching, as an overt act, had everything to do with “race.” Unfortunately, the issue of “race” is so unpleasant, and so seemingly impossible to extinguish that people prefer to pretend that we now live in a “post-racial” society. People prefer to believe that “just anyone” could get shot to death for wielding a bottle of iced tea and a bag of Skittles. I guess we have to do and believe whatever gets us through life. As for me, I choose to deal with the truth. Inequities exist; and it’s easy to be generous with convicted criminals, with a history of violence, like George Zimmerman, when it was not our son who was killed, or our “blood” that was spilled. So, even if this has, as you believe, nothing to do with “race,” it’s still just plain psychotic.

    The point here is that there has never been a premium on “black life” in this country. This is why our Congress recently apologized for never getting around to making lynching a criminal act. Yes, thousands were lynched, but they were “black thousands.” Admittedly, people of other races were lynched during this awful period in our history, but the majority were black males, then women, then children. I’m wondering what it might take for you to believe that something is “racist.” Do words like “nigger” have to be involved (instead of “just” coon?) Does someone have to be lynched, as opposed to shot? If it had been a black man who had shot a white kid and called the kid a “cracker,” or some other despicable epithet, would you have also been unable to see “race?” I truly appreciate that you gave my opinion some “play” on your blog. I also respect your right to your views, even if I don’t agree. You are entitled to suspend your judgment if you so wish.

    As a black woman who has feared for the black men in her life, all her life, I guess I just don’t have that luxury…

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