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A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting my cousin’s Science and English teachers at his school’s ‘Meet the Teachers’ Event.  I was less than impressed with the meeting.  First, I went to see the English teacher.  She looked at me as though I had interrupted her family supper and asked ME what would I like to know.  She then promptly summarized some points and ushered me away.  I went in search of the Science teacher, hoping for a better experience.  I found him standing around in the gym chatting it up with some fellow teachers.  I approached him and introduced myself.  (I had my cousin with me by then).  He was even more aloof and brusque.  (I could use more colorful adjectives here).  He made me feel like a paparazzi seeking unauthorized photos.  ‘What would you like to know about him?’ was his opening.   He…

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