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Six Year Old Handcuffed By Police For Throwing Tantrum

I am not sure how I feel about this.  As a Dad with a 5-year-old son, I can’t imagine him being put in handcuffs and thrown in a cell.  I would be devastated!  He’s a kid!

This 6-year-old girl apparently flew in a rage and started destroying her kindergarten classroom (shouldn’t she be in grade school by 6?).  She was ripping stuff off the wall and knocking a shelf over.  (I am not sure what serious damage my 6-year-old would be able to inflict at that age.  Not much).  The cops were called and responded by handcuffing her and hauling her off to jail. (holding cell).

Questions on parenting would surely be raised and so too would questions on the use of restraints by the police.  My take is, there should be a system in place that when there is an issue at an elementary school and the police are called, a social worker or someone qualified to deal with ‘problem kids’ should also be summoned.  Heck, a negotiator can talk a man with a gun into surrendering, imagine what they could do to an unarmed 6-year-old…

Read the article and feel free  to add your take.


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