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Shopping or family time?

Remember when we were not allowed to shop to shop on Sundays?  Well it’s not that we were not allowed, we couldn’t even if we wanted to.  Why? Because the storekeepers were also not allowed to open up their stores.  It wasn’t a problem as there are seven days in a week and if I needed an extra one to shop then I needed something more than just the ability to shop on Sundays.  I would need an intervention of sorts.

Remember how the law makers tweaked the rule and allowed stores to open but not before 12pm and no later than 6pm?  Some people were excited about this, others weren’t.  The ‘others’ were those who had to work on a Sunday thus sacrificing their family.

Fast forward to present. Present as in today.  Today the newspapers scream,   ‘MORE TIME TO SHOP ON SUNDAYS – Province plans to ease limits on Sunday shopping‘  Ease limits on Sunday shopping? Wasn’t that what they did when they allowed stores to break with tradition and open at noon?

The fabric that holds families together is getting  stretched and worn out by man’s greed.   Corporations dictate when and how much time we could spend with our families.   How about the employees who saw their Sundays off turned into half day offs and now full day Sundays?  Is the sacrifice worth it?  I don’t think so. 

If you an avid shopper who would prefer using your extra time to interact with a Sales Person rather than a family member, I am sorry but you need to reconsider your priorities.  But that’s just my take.



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