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What Would Your Final Words Say?

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While reading the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper this morning, I came across an article by columnist Gordon Sinclair.  It was essentially about a new technology that enabled curious wanderers in a cemetery to read information about a deceased on their smartphones by scanning a bar code attached to the tombstone.  (The same technology the Real Estate industry uses).

What motivated me to blog was not this exciting bit of news.  I wasn’t stoked by the potential of my epitaph being scanned.  No, what got me thinking was the question Gordon Sinclair asked, “What would yours say?”  I don’t know about you.  Maybe you don’t care what happens when you pass on to the great beyond but for me, that was a poignant question.  Too make it even more sobering was that he went on to add, “If you like the answer, there’s still time to change your life and the few words that sums it up.”  It made me stop and ponder.  What exactly do I want my epitaph to say?  Is what I want it to say and what it will actually say, the same?

My epitaph would say ‘Here lies a Loving husband, a great father, brother, son and friend.  He Lived, Loved and Laughed and tried to make others do the same.”  Maybe it could go on to mention that I was a believer and volunteered my time both in church and the community.

Fortunately, it’s not a bio and need not be expanded or it might go on to say that even though I did volunteer work, I could have done more, way more to help the less fortunate.  It might also state that  maybe I should have talked to my siblings more often than I did and that I should have let my mom know that I loved her daily by saying it.   It might even mention that instead of blogging about my not-there dad, I should have contacted him and let him know he is forgiven and tried to bridge that gap.

Phew! Good thing we won’t have to worry about that because we are taught to never speak ill of the dead anyways.  Aren’t we?

He was a good man.  That’s all folks!


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