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Beyonce world’s most beautiful woman?

Beyonce VMA Red Carpet

Beyonce VMA Red Carpet (Photo credit:

People Magazine voted Beyonce the world’s most beautiful woman.  Seriously, who is in charge of coming up with these most beautiful/sexiest/handsome  man/woman/couple/baby in the world?  How is it that the competitors are mostly always American celebrities?  What about the rest of the world? How about the girl next door?  Did they check the jungles of Africa? Last time I checked there were some ebony beauties back there with skin as smooth as silk, no makeup, no weave and no enhancements.  They worked with their kids attached to them, now that’s beauty.

Now on the topic of beautiful, have they met my wife? I think, and not because she’s my wife, that she is not only the world’s most beautiful woman but also person/wife/mother/daughter/friend.  Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder and to me it is more than just a pretty face. (My wife does have a pretty face too).  Based on looks, I see way more beautiful females  here in my city on almost a daily basis. (Not to take anything away from Beyonce as she is eye candy material herself).

Beautiful to me is more than just skin deep.  It is your character, your moral values, the way you treat those around you,  How you are as a mother, friend, daughter, son, wife,  the way you face adversity.  Possessing a good heart.  Independent and not relying on the nanny to take care of your children.  Classy.  These are some of the things that make a woman beautiful.

(I would also question the credibility of the voting as J-Lo was also once voted as the world’s most beautiful woman. Yep, that J-Lo).

It is time to dispense with the misleading monikers like most beautiful woman in the world.   Celebrities have got enough fame as it is.  Put the average Jane or  Joe in the spotlight instead.  There is actually life outside of Hollywood.  So maybe we can say Beyonce is the most beautiful woman in her family? Ok, maybe Hollywood then? But that’s as far as I will go.  Except if it’s my wife because she really is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Just my take,  congrats to Beyonce.


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2 thoughts on “Beyonce world’s most beautiful woman?

  1. Nanci Lynn on said:

    U R SUCH A LOSER!! Firstly, we all know there are other beautiful woman in the world prob more beautiful than Beyonce and if they put your wife , the girl next door or any of those ebony beauties on the cover someone else would say the same thing you’re saying about Beyonce about them!! Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder but if a publication, who has NEVER put an ALL black woman on their cover decides they want to FINALLY give and black woman props and if THEY feel she deserves that title along with all the other white woman who have graced their pages (i hope you also complained when they were on the cover) than let it be!! How many times are positive images of african americans projected to the world!! They wont even give our wonderful president his props because he’s a black man!! How could a person of color complain at all!! Yes, beauty is skin deep and Beyonce is the one young artist who we never see drinking, doing drugs, sleeping around with different men, gossiping!! She’s always rehearsing, working on herself and everyone that knows her says she has the best heart, character, morals and treats her friends and family with respect and love!! She deserves her title and prob much more!!! Celebrate our african beauty and if u cant give props where due SHUT UP CORNBALL!

    • Must it always come down to being a BLACK thing? I am not taking anything away from Beyonce. I have nothing against her. I find her quite attractive and one of my favorite female voices around. (After Mariah). Giving her the title of the world’s most beautiful is quite a stretch, won’t you say? After all, like I said in my blog, the world is bigger than Hollywood.

      And please go easy on the name calling. My blog is called my take for a reason. You could disagree without malice.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

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