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Calm down, it’s only a T-shirt!

A Grade 12 student in Nova Scotia was suspended for wearing a T-shirt with ‘Life is Wasted Without Jesus’ written on it.  Read here.  I totally agree with that sentiment BUT that’s my opinion that reflects my beliefs.

Now here is my take on this growing censorship of religious freedom by schools.  Schools are places where children of all race and culture mingle.  There are many beliefs and practices that must be respected and appreciated unless forced upon another.  Wearing a shirt that publicize ones beliefs is much the same as wearing a turban that reflects the wearer is a Sikh, which is also a religious group.

Have you seen some of the T-shirts worn by students lately?  They advertise everything, sex, drugs, guns, etc.  The schools seem to be ok with this.  And how about the attire worn by some of the school girls?  Too revealing, too short, too sexy but it’s ok as long as they show no visible signs of religious affiliation.  Right?

Why the increasing crackdown on christian-based practices in schools and public places?  Smothering the truth does not make it go away, it in fact makes it more relevant.

So who are the real bullies here?


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4 thoughts on “Calm down, it’s only a T-shirt!

  1. Ken_M on said:

    You hit the nail on the head when you said that schools are places where many different beliefs must be respected. The operative word is “respect”. This kid’s T-shirt did not respect other faiths. If it said that “My Life is Wasted Without Jesus” there would not be an issue. But it said that everyone’s life is wasted unless they are christian.

    He was given several warnings prior to the suspension. He chose to ignore them.

    There is a simple fact of life. Schools set rules and students constantly push the boundaries. In my mind, this is health. But, ultimately, the school has the authority to establish dress codes and to enforce them.

    Nobody has said that he can’t wear a cross, or aT-shirt with an image of Jesus on it, or walk around with a bible, or not eat meat on Fridays. He was simply asked not to wear something that was critical of other faiths.

    I don’t think that there would be the same level of uproar if he was expelled for wearing a T-shirt that said “Believing in Jesus is a Waste of your Life”.

    • I see your point, somewhat. The ‘somewhat’ is based on the fact that the t-shirt exact wordings were ‘Life is wasted without Jesus.’ It is interpreted to mean everyone but in his defense, it really doesn’t. If I am having a bad day and wore a t-shirt that says ‘Life sucks’, I hope it would not be taken that I am saying everyone life sucks. His t-shirt reflects his opinion.

      Appreciate the comment and thanks for reading!

      • Ken_M on said:

        Enigma, I think that we all realize that this is his opinion. But it is also hard to not read this as a criticism of other religions.

        Wearing a T-shirt that said “Life Sucks” is not quite the same thing. This being said, if the principal received numerous complaints about it, as he/she did with this kid’s shirt, the principal has the right to ask you to change it. I remember when I was in high school a kid one of the kids was sent home to change his shirt because it said “F_CK all that’s missing is U”. I wasn’t offended. In fact, I thought that it was witty. But the principal had the right to make the decision.

      • Valid point there, Ken. I guess it does come down to the principal having the right to make that call or any other for that matter.

        And that’s why I enjoy a good debate. 🙂

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