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Date Night At The Hospital

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With a household of seven, who could blame me for taking last Friday afternoon off work and checking in at the ER with my wife in tow just so we could spend some time together?  After all, what better place to hang out for a while, get a bed and meal all for free?

Amie and I left our work at lunch and met up at her mom’s so we could car pool.  I checked in at the ER desk around 12:30pm and had my blood pressure taken and recorded.  The reason I used for being there was that I was having some concerning symptoms which I suspected were related to my carotid artery dissection.  While I still had their attention, I mentioned that I was also experiencing some chest discomfort.  (That should buy us at least a night’s stay).  That admission got me wheeled upstairs in a wheelchair to get my heart functions looked at then wheeled back down to the ER.

There were quite a few people in the waiting room and we added to the number.  Knowing the waiting times were atrocious, we grabbed magazines and made ourselves comfortable.  Well as comfy as one could be under the conditions.  I was starting to like this.  Just me and Amie in a bacteria-laden room.  How discomforting.

Thankfully, before I could contract anything more serious than a headache, I heard my name called just over four hours later.  I was in a daze from being half asleep so I wasn’t sure that I did hear my name.  ‘Carlos Walcott!’  There it was for sure.  I stood up and went to meet the orderly who took me through a maze of hallways to the elevator and finally to a room.  Ahhh!  Finally! My very own room. No kids! Warm blankets.  People at your beck and call.  Just Amie and me. Heaven!

Before long, I could see the food delivery guy (Is that what they call them?) making his way down the hall.  I was so hungry that I could have eaten him and his food in one sitting.  I licked my lips in anticipation then had to clench my teeth in frustration as he went by my room without stopping.  (I later learned that I had to get a CT scan so I was not allowed to eat).

Amie and I played word games, shared some laughs and enjoyed the lulls between having blood pumped out of my veins and having my pressure taken.  All a small price to pay for free room.  She had to leave for a bit to get the kids ready for bed and arrange a sitter so I was alone.  This was good! I was starting to miss the boys and not being able to put them to bed was hard to take but hey, Daddy was having some alone time finally.  And without spending a cent.  Eat your hearts out!

The worst part was leaving to go for a CT Scan.  I was wheeled downstairs, on a bed this time, not a wheelchair, and given a dye contrast that made me feel like I had wet myself and was lying in my warm pee.  Uncomfortable to say the least.  The good part, arriving back to my our room to Tim Horton’s coffee and a BLT sandwich courtesy of the wife. What a date night!

Our date night did have a sad moment.  The lady occupying the room next to mine seemed to be having some alone time with her husband as well.  He brought her food and they sat and enjoyed it together.  Less than an hour later, she was in code blue status. (She had a seizure and her heart stopped).  Sad indeed.

After eleven and a half hours at the hospital, we were told that our my stay had come to an end. (we were homesick by then anyways).  The Doctor came by and discussed the results of the tests with me and got a nurse to unplug my wires. There would be no overnight on this night at this hotel hospital and I sure as heck didn’t have anymore blood to pay with.

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2 thoughts on “Date Night At The Hospital

  1. This is funny! Thanks for a good laugh, and thanks for noting my post about my waiting room visit. I honestly think (except for the recovery time at home for two weeks) that my husband got the better deal on our hospital visit. Hope you’re ok and that next time you’ll find a more pleasurable way to find time alone with your wife!

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