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Kids’ Soccer Season

It’s that time again where I  rush home, grab something for me and the kids to eat, pack a bag and run out to the soccer fields, sometimes with the aid of a GPS as the locations are not always the same each week.

Soccer season kicked off last Monday.  Mikhail plays Mondays and Wednesdays while Kenyan plays Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It is a bit hectic but once there, it’s fun and a great opportunity to mingle with parents and watch the kids do the same with other kids.

I get right into the games by shouting encouragement to the boys’ teams and urging them on.  The wife and the boys usually join me in yelling to the team.  ‘Go Cardinals, go!’  or ‘Go Orioles go!’

It’s such fun to watch the little tykes, some running around aimlessly, chasing the other kids and not the balls.  Once the ball stops, everyone stands around and hover over it until one brave kid gives it a kick to set it in motion again. One kid had a clean breakaway until the sight of something more interested than a soccer ball caught his attention.   He stopped dead in his tracks, ball forgotten and bent down to pick up the interesting object.  It was a blade of grass.

It’s a hectic time but when the weather co-operates, it’s nice to just sit on the blanket and watch the game, well maybe for you.  For my wife and I, it’s taking turns chasing our adventurous two-year old as he tries to rush the soccer field as a clothed streaker.  We cannot take our eyes of him for a second or he’s gone, on the field, in the trees, in the lake, wherever.

So far this week, we have had two cancellations due to rain.  I must admit, not without shame, that I was relieved to get the emails.  I really do not relish being outside when it’s cold and wet. Yes, I’m a wimp.

It’s quite funny that I pay a fee for the boys to play soccer, yet I look forward to games being cancelled.  Isn’t that oxmoronic? (my word).  Come rain or shine, the boys, unlike me, look forward to going to every game.




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2 thoughts on “Kids’ Soccer Season

  1. Memories by Me Photography on said:

    OK, I laughed out loud at your comment about being relieved when it rains and they cancel – I so hear you!! lol. I have three boys as well – and I very much remember chasing a two year old around the soccer field while my two older boys played. And now I sit alone on my blanket watching my baby play. It goes by so quickly…..cherish every moment….and by the looks of your blog…you do!

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