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Tragedy or merely an inconvenience?

We are drama queens and kings.  Maybe it’s in our nature, I don’t know but I do know that we tend to behave as if it is the end of the world when something bad happens to us.  If you don’t believe me then log into Facebook and read some of the statuses.  ‘Worst day ever! My hair dryer died’.  ‘FML, nowhere to go on the weekend’ or ‘Just shoot me already, I broke my nail that I just had done!’

I never paid much attention to this until a while ago when I was enjoying my favorite food, pizza.  As always, I dug into it too soon and burned the roof of my mouth.  Within a minute, it was raw and hurting.  It was uncomfortable but fortunately not too uncomfortable that I couldn’t keep eating.   I kept thinking ‘Man this is the worst’ then I realized that right at the time I was thinking that, someone, somewhere, was starving.  Someone, somewhere, was hurting from injuries far worse than a burned mouth.  Injuries that were life threatening.  That stopped my negative thoughts dead in their tracks.

While backing out of my garage a month ago, I came too close to the wall and broke my side door mirror.  I was devastated!  Because it was a heated power mirror, it would cost over $500 to fix.   At the time, I couldn’t think of anything worse that could have happened to me but there was.   While I was wallowing in self-pity, my very life was being threatened by a health issue.  I did’t know that then.

So today, are we facing tragedies or inconveniences? Inconveniences that create minor setbacks in our beautifully scripted lives?  Remember, for every nail we break, thousands are having their hearts broken.   For every spilled coffee on that new pair of pants, gallons of life’s blood are emptied on the ground.  Food too cold? How about the cold and shivering children dying of hunger?  That’s a tragedy.

That’s my take for the long Canadian weekend.


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