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Movie Date With Bed Bugs

My wife and I are not regular movie goers and considering our less-than-pleasing experience last night, we are going to be even more irregular.

I wanted to see The Avengers movie for some time and my wife agreed to accompany me and make it a date night, even though she was not a huge fan of comic book movies.

All was going great and we were enjoying our date night when I felt a slight pinch on the back of my neck.  I reached up to touch the spot and was surprised to grab a small insect.  I used the light of my cell phone to get a closer look then released it.   Just an insect I thought.  I leaned over and whispered to my wife that an insect had bitten my neck.  Her eyes widened and she informed me that her neck was also bitten earlier but she had not thought much about it.  We both thought it was a weird coincidence.

Not too long after, I felt a another such bite on the back of my hand and again caught the critter responsible.  I thought of bringing it to swift justice for interrupting our date night but instead I got Amie to hold her phone over it so we could both inspect it closer this time.

We saw the tiny legs and body and our eyes were like saucers as we looked at each other and yelled, “BED BUGS!”  Ok, that didn’t happen but it makes for a funny and interesting blog.  What we actually did was came to the conclusion that we were dealing with bed bugs and should exit the building asap.  (I also decided to take along the captured villain for evidence). Point for me.

We found the manager and our emotions got the better of us.  ‘Your theatre is bugged! No, not wired, you’ve got bed bugs! How disgusting! We are never coming back here again! Shame on you people.” We yelled.  Ok, that didn’t happen either.  We are not like that.  We calmly explained the situation without making a scene.  Then to cap off our story, I told the manager, with pride in my voice, that I had taken the time to capture one of the bugs in case he did not believe me.  I then held the paper up under his eyes and slowly opened it.  Here it is, sir, I have one right here…oh never mind. You do know what a bed bug look like anyways.  To my embarrassment, my prisoner had escaped.  There was nothing in the paper for the manager to see.   How wonderful.  Pride does go before a fall.  Point for Buggie.

As soon as we got home, into the dryer went all our clothes.  Bed bugs baking time!  Burn critters, burn!  Point for me.

I hope never to see or feel one of those disgusting things again.  As for The Avengers, I might wait for the DVD.


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