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Son, don’t listen to your daddy

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Kenyan, my 3-year old son, takes his soccer games seriously, as he does any sport he chose to play.  While his easily distracted teammates wander around the field, Kenyan stays focused on the game.  Even when he’s sitting out he still chose to sit and watch his team play and cheers them on.  Not coincidentally, he is one of the better player on the team and scores an average of 6 goals a game.  This blog however, is not about his soccer exploits.

After clapping his first couple goals, I usually keep a low profile and encourage him to involve his team by passing the ball.  Most of the kids play a one-on-five game and plays against their team so this is hard to instill at that age.   Fortunately, he seems to get the idea and I high-five him for making passes as much as scoring goals.

Yesterday he…

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2 thoughts on “Son, don’t listen to your daddy

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Wow, average of six goals? Hope he continues and stays focused;)

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