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Breaking News: Top Terrorist Dead. Again!

'OSAMA' in Pop-art Sketch

Hello! Hello! It’s me you idiot! Of course I’m not dead!

With the daily news reporting of another top Al-Qaeda operative killed, I am apt to asked, “Wait a minute, how many leaders does this network have?”  Prior to killing of enemy number one, Osama Bin Laden, there were leaders killed almost weekly.  After Osama, it is still continuing.  These  top terrorist are usually in the top two.  With so much cooks in the kitchen, how could any group operate effectively? So my question is, ‘Who are being killed and by this time, how many of us are still paying attention?”  The only attention I will be paying to this farce of a war is to the news that our soldiers are coming home.  ASAP before Al-Qaeda replaces their top terrorist.

Just me and my take again. Pay no attention, oh nevermind, you already read it.


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