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Soccer lessons. Today, unselfish play

Kenyan is getting his passing game all figured out.  Yesterday at his game, it was all about passing and less about scoring. (He still managed 5 goals).   Everything was fine until the opposing team made their first line change.

Kenyan noticed that one of the players was his friend from church, Maddox.  “Go Maddox! He cheered from the side lines.  “Maddox is not on your team, Kenyan.” I pointed out to him.  “It doesn’t matter, he’s my friend.” Was the immediate response.   “By the way, nice passing out there, buddy!” I added.   “Thanks, I am going to pass to Maddox next time.”  “You can’t pass to Maddox, Kenyan.  He’s not on your team.”  “That’s ok”.  It’s usually his answer to everything.

Before taking the field for his last shift, Kenyan, the sellout, asked, “Do you know who I want to win?”  “Who?”  “Maddox’s team.”  Houston, do we have a problem here?

On a late play, Kenyan was on the field against his friend Maddox and  he found himself in a defensive position as they advanced with Maddox leading the charge.  As the play was close to me, I called to him, “Get it Kenyan! Stop them!”  He shot me a blank stare and kept backing away from the ball until he had backed himself out-of-bounds, giving his friend a clear path to the goal, which he took.

On the drive home,  even though I already knew the answer, I had to hear it from him so I asked,  “So why didn’t you take the ball away?”  I knew it would have been an easy task for him.  “Because I wanted Maddox to score.”  I know when to zip it and it was then.  The competitive rules of soccer would have to be taught another day.

And you wonder why sometimes I don’t want them to grow up?


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