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A Happy Fathers Day Indeed

Yesterday my two youngest woke me up with shouts of “Happy Father’s Day!!”  to which I had no argument.  I was surprised that they had even remembered.  They also presented me with gifts that they had made at their babysitter’s.  They were imprints of their hands in baked and hardened sand.  (At first I thought they were cookies and was ready to take a bite).

With mommy’s urging, they even allowed me to sleep in until I was good and ready to get up and had a hearty pancake breakfast waiting for me when I did decide that I was good and ready.  What a family!

Mikhail did not attend school on Friday so he was unable to pick up the father’s day gift that he had made at school but he did his part by being the one to wake up his brothers and leading them into my bedroom.

Did I mention that I was exempted from any household and kid duties? Oh yeah!  I love father’s day.

I was one happy father on this day!


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