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Daddy’s favorite son

When our second son, Kenyan was just over a year old, he took ill and I had to rush him to the hospital.  While waiting in Emergency, he was too weak to sit or stand on his own so I held him in my arms.  We waited for over five hours to see a doctor and never put him down once.  He was admitted and I spent the night with him, hovering over his bed to let him know Daddy was watching him so it was ok to fall asleep.

Ever since then, Kenyan and I formed a special bond.  Now at three years old, he never stops hugging me and letting me know how much he loves me.  While playing soccer with his team, he would sometimes run off the field just to give me a hug and kiss.  A little much, yes, but very sweet.

My wife has implied that Kenyan is my favorite, to which I vehemently deny.  Each of my boys are loved for being who they are but with the same passion and to the same extent.  I love Mikhail for being the smart 5-year old that he is.  I love his growing independence and the way I can now relate to him as a son and friend.  He is the age that I could take him almost anywhere.  I love him because he’s my son.

Treyton is two and other than the so-called ‘terrible twos’ episodes, what’s not to love about a smart, adventurous and ultra cute kid?  He is our last experience with that age and we want to prolong and savor it as much as possible.  I love Treyton for his baby-stage cuteness and cuddliness.  I love him for being the last and special ‘baby’.  I love him because he’s my son.

Kenyan is in the middle of all this.  He’s still babyishly cute but now can be held responsible for his ‘accidents’.  I love him for his underdeveloped vocabulary and still lingering baby cuteness.  I love him for his  inquisitive stage and for being at the age where he is starting to really understand love and it’s not yet uncool to give his daddy some PDA and I love him because he’s my son.

Most of all, I love the boys for being the best kids a daddy could wish for.  I am glad I didn’t have twins or triplets as I get to enjoy the different stages.  They are all Daddy’s favorite.  They are my sons.


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2 thoughts on “Daddy’s favorite son

  1. Meig on said:

    oh man this made me tear up! love it..
    your so lucky&blessed with 3 kids, i can imagine that the more kids you have the more love grows inside of you.. i feel full to the brim with just one and look forward to sharing that love with more kids.. one day!! always a joy to read your blog Carlos! =)

    • Meig, I do feel lucky and blessed. Tatum is lucky that he has a mommy that has a lot of love to give him. Like you said, the more kids you have, the move love grows inside of you. It never gets depleted. Thanks for the nice comments! As usual.

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