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Kids bullying turns monitor into millionaire.

In case you were sleeping or doing whatever and missed it, a bus monitor was bullied by a group of middle school students and the video was posted on the internet.  Watch here.  It was a sick and disgusting display of children gone wrong.  Totally unacceptable and should never happen anywhere and to anyone.   Many people were touched by the video and it prompted a fund to be set up to raise money to send the monitor, Karen Klien, on a well-deserved vacation.   So far, donations have reached over $650,000.

Well, what kind of  blogger would I be if I do not put in my two cents worth?  What do I think of the matter?   I  commented sometime last week that Karen was obviously in the wrong line of work.  Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it the bus monitor’s duty to crack down on this kind of behavior on the bus?  What if they were bullying another kid instead? What would have been her reaction?  Apparently, she told the news that she has a hearing problem and didn’t hear much of the taunts.  Thank goodness and bless  her heart.  She didn’t need to hear some or any of those taunts anyways.  But if she couldn’t hear most of the insults, would she have heard them if they were directed at another kid on the bus?  See where I’m coming from?

Now about the money.  Money soothes everything, right?  Wrong.  The problem is still not addressed.  Yes, she might have a nice vacation somewhere but how about the bullies?  Would they find another victim to prey upon? Is this it? Sending money to a victim of bullying does not send a lesson to the perpetrators.  It does nothing to ease the pain of the other faceless victims around the world.  So I am not really sure that giving almost a million dollars to Karen Klein was the right thing to do.  I realize it was probably a knee jerk reaction to a video showing a sweet woman being bullied.  I do agree with sending her a plane ticket to a destination of her choice.   As I stated earlier, in my view, it is the job of a bus monitor to address any unacceptable behavior on a school bus.  If a group of school kids were to bully a police officer, would you be inclined to send financial aid?  If not, why not? Because they are paid to deal with this sort of thing, right? Bullying is bullying though, no matter the age or sex or job description of the victim.

I know this take would not be too popular but I would not be sincere and fair to myself if I pretended that I felt the opposite.  Saying this, as a parent of kids that I love dearly and also having an autistic brother,  I am against any and all acts of bullying whether against children or adults who are incapable of defending themselves.  We as a society, should do as much as we can to fight this plague.

Instead of giving Karen Klein $650,000, wouldn’t it make more sense to donate it to Anti-Bullying Programs? Awareness? Bus Monitor Training?   Bullies Rehab? Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Karen Klein, God bless you and I am sorry you had to go through that.

Just my take.


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12 thoughts on “Kids bullying turns monitor into millionaire.

  1. Israel and Marlena on said:

    My husband and I fully agree with your thoughts. It was a nice thought to send her on a vacation but nothing was done to prevent it from happening again. Also the kids who I think were old enough to know better were not held accountable. I would like to see them personally apologize to her not the parents for their children.

  2. I felt awful after watching that video, but I am glad that Karen Klein is getting somewhat of a happy ending. I think she deserves it and I’m glad that she is donating some of that money to charity and good causes. I wrote an article yesterday about her story and the power of the Internet and social media. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:


  3. they got tossed out of school for a year as well as bus service. Surprisingly, i think the school did a great job of actually doing something. I think they go community service as well.

  4. Jeanne on said:

    I agree… what if we rewarded every police officer that does not do their job right.

  5. I agree as well. Some people thought she could take the money and retire. How do we know she can’t afford to retire? Some retirees get p/t jobs just to keep themselves busy; not because they necessarily need the money. She said she doesn’t know if she will return to that job. The school should reconsider keeping her because of what you pointed out that she is obviously not qualified to do the job. If it had been another child instead of Karen getting taunted and videotaped; the school could get sued because she is unable to intervene and stop the situation.

    • That’s a very good point. Like you said, it could have turned out differently if it had been another child instead of Karen. Thanks for your input.

    • Mark Warner on said:

      Maybe on the planet “AreyouCrazy” there are people who work for the fun of it. But in the real world the vast overwhelming majority of people over 65 who are still working are doing so because they are so stinking broke that they can’t afford to retire. After 30+ years of inflation, downsizing, legal pension fund theft by corporate officers, skyrocketing healthcare costs and at least 4 different economic collapses since 1985, there are a huge number of people who wound literally be eating out of garbage dumpsters if they weren’t working. This fantasy of people working at crap jobs at 65+ because they love working crap jobs so very much isn’t so much a fantasy its a nightmare. There is a woman who I had the pleasure of meeting who used to clean my office. We became friendly when I caught some of my junior employees purposely leaving messes for her to clean up. After I explained the merits of them getting fired for being jerks she and I started talking. She was working 3 jobs to make a 40 hour work week to take care of her paralyzed husband and a 53 year old mentally handicapped daughter. She was 81 years old. So much for working for the fun of it.

      Also calling Karen a millionaire is just stupid. As of this morning the donations were up to $681,626 not a million. Take off around 40% for taxes and u have about $411,000 left. The fees from the website and credit card processing is 7% so that’s another $48,000 off the top so we’re down do $363,000. Since I think the whole thing is some sort of scam anyhow I would be shocked if she see’s half of that so that roughly so at best $180,000…no where near a million. Maybe that will be enough for her to actually retire and get away from those little scumbags.

      • I like the ‘Since I think the whole thing is some sort of a scam anyhow…’. It made me ponder. These days it’s harder to separate scams from the real deal. Because of this, I am always thinking everything is a scam until proven otherwise, especially when money is involved. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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