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Needle sandwiches on plane poke man, son and new bff.

English: A Delta Airlines Airbus A330-323E lan...

English: A Delta Airlines Airbus A330-323E landing on runway 18C at Schiphol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hate it that I am so suspicious of everything lately.   Well maybe not exactly ‘lately’.  I have always been one to lean towards the controversy theory side of a lot of things.  Don’t hate on me, it’s just that with the way things are these days, it’s hard not to be.   Everyone has their own ulterior motives and personal agendas.   So I say if it walks and quacks like a duck, it could very well still be a chicken.   And that’s why when I read the story that I am going to blog about, I took it apart searching for clues of motives and agendas.

The story, which you could read here, is about  businessman, James Tonges, who was sitting in the VIP section of a Delta Airlines flight travelling from Amsterdam to Minneapolis.   While enjoying the benefits of flying first class, he bit into a sandwich that was served and pricked his mouth on a sewing needle.   For the records, it was  a turkey sandwich.  Now don’t go blaming the turkey.  Last time I checked, turkeys don’t sew.

The soon-to-be-richer businessman was so devastated that he at once thought  ‘OMG! I have AIDS!’  Oh wait, do business people say ‘omg’?  Anyways, the first thing he did was get himself a prescription for HIV.  No word on if he was concerned about the other serious needle-borne illnesses out there like Hepatitis.

Fasten your seatbelts you controversy theorists out there.  The story gets weirder, or as Alice would say, curiouser and curiouser, at least to me and my doubting Thomas self.  Another passenger on the same flight, Mr. Jack A. Drogt,  was also pricked by biting into his sandwich too.  (No, his own sandwich.  Read English much?).  In the story, it states that this other victim was someone who the first victim conveniently  coincidentally met on the plane. Ahem.

And that’s it.  Oh no, sorry, it isn’t.   I forgot to mention that Mr. Tonges’ teenaged son not only happened to conveniently coincidentally be on another Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam BUT also flew first class also.   How did I know that this lad flew first class?  Well he too was pampered with a Turkey needle sandwich.  See, told you it gets weird.    If that isn’t a terrorist act, then I don’t know what is.  As if we didn’t have enough to worry about when we fly, like pilots falling asleep and drunken flight attendants, now needles in turkey sandwiches?  Anyways, the teenager refused to hand over the offending object to authorities, claiming that he wanted to use it as evidence in his LAWSUIT.  Don’t lie,  you saw that one coming a mile away.  To you law students out there, does he really need the needle to have a legit claim?  If so, next time a dog bites me, I am seizing it to use as evidence in my lawsuit against the owner.

Six needles in total, including the three that poked the hapless victims, were found on Delta flights, which means that these guys, James Tonges, Jack A. Drogt and Tonges’ son  just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and coincidences do happen.  Do not become like me and let your mind wander off into seeing things that are not there.  Even though I am suspicious, there’s no way that these guys could have had anything to do with placing needles into sandwiches just so they could take advantage of an American trend.  Now way!   Sarcasm? What sarcasm? I am serious.  But hey, could you imagine if they were actually the ones who planted those needles?

Just me and my take…


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