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Daddy just can’t win

Yesterday, I figured I would surprise the boys on my lunch hour and pay them a visit while they were at Amie’s parents.  They were on babysitting duty as Amie had an exam.

I walked in the door and immediately Kenyan and Treyton yelled ‘Daddy!’ and ran from the table where they were having lunch, to greet me with hugs.  Mikhail, my almost-six-year old, continued eating with barely a glance my way.

After lunch, I casually asked Mik why he basically ignored me when I got there.  He responded that he was just being a big boy and staying at the table like I taught him. Gosh! does everything has to be so black and white? I didn’t want to be a hypocrite so I praised him for being a big boy and left it at that.

It didn’t want to be left like that.  My middle son Kenyan, was now sitting with arms folded and pouting.  I took the bait.  “What’s wrong now, Kenyan?”  With tears in his eyes, he replied, “You happy Mikhail did not come to the door to hug you and you are not happy that me and Treyton did!”  Ok Houston, we have a problem.  Well maybe not a problem, an issue.  

“Kenyan, of course I was happy that you and Trey ran to me.  Every Dad loves it when they walk in the door and their kids run to greet them with hugs and kisses.  Daddy always love it when you and Treyton do that.  It makes him happy.   So I am happy with you and Treyton and happy with Mikhail for staying at the table and eating his food”.  This was the best response I could muster.

Sometimes Daddy just can’t win.

Houston, do you think my son understands how I could be happy to be hugged and happy not be hugged?


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2 thoughts on “Daddy just can’t win

  1. All of this just when you were just trying to surprise the boys and enjoy their love. Oh well, it sounds like a good problem to have – how to handle love and respect.

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