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Destiny or Coincidence?

By now most of you would have heard of the sick person who shot and killed 12 people at random as they watched a midnight showing of  the latest sequel in the Batman series, ‘The Dark Night Rises’ in a theater in Colorado.  Several others were also wounded.  This blog however, is not about the heinous crime or the criminal who perpetrated it.  It is about one of the victims, Jessica Ghawi, who escaped death at a Toronto Mall shooting just over a month earlier.  That shooting had an uncanny resemblance to the Theater shooting that later claimed her life.

After the Toronto shooting, she blogged about her near-death experience and the fact that it opened her eyes to the frailty of life.  Read it all here.

In a twist that reminded me of the movie ‘Final Destination‘, she later died in almost the same situation that she escaped from.  This leads me to ask, was it  destiny or merely coincidence?

Growing up, I have always been told that ‘what is to happen will happen’. Whenever someone died, the wise adults would say that was how they were supposed to go.   As I got older, I sometime wondered, ‘If I were to walk right out into traffic and got run over, would that be how ‘I was supposed to go’?”

So then, was Jessica’s situation just a coincidence?  Was she destined to ‘go’ via a bullet from a theater gunman and not a Toronto shooter?

I would like to re-visit this later from a biblical standpoint.

May God bring comfort to all involved in this unfortunate tragedy.



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