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Don’t hate, appreciate the bloggers

Definition of a blog:  : a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site.  That my readers, is the definition of a blog.  You are thinking, ‘So what’s your point?’ Don’t rush me, I’m getting there.

Too often while surfing blogs, I read this from the blogger, “I am sorry that I am not very good at writing blogs but I’ll get better.”  Not always exactly in those words but an apology all the same.  I don’t know about you but I offer no apologies for the way I write.  I only apologize for errors in my blogs that got past my editing.  When I sit down to write, it’s usually about something that I feel passionate about.  I pour out my emotions into it and for that to be effective, I have to write the way I feel.  I try to convey my feelings to my readers so they too will feel what I feel or felt.  If doing this means taking liberties with the English language, then so be it.  (I get a few likes here and there so it must be getting through).

When I switch roles and go in search of blogs to read, the ones that often keep my attention are those loosely written, without language boundaries and laws of writing.  I am not saying that I enjoy reading some half-baked blog laden with spelling errors and poor grammatical structure, but when basic rules are thrown out in favor of a good presentation, I am all for that.  You understand what I am trying to say?  Then it’s fine with me.

Now as readers, we look for blogs that satisfies our thirst for whatever topic we are looking for.   We often get judgmental and accused the writers for failing to deliver if we are not satisfied in this regard. What we fail to note is that the writer is baring their soul for us.  This is the meat of the blog, the invite to come in and dine with the writer.  They share their innermost thoughts, feelings and desires.  When we criticize, we are crushing their hopes, trivializing their dreams.

I write as an outlet for my thoughts.  Of course I love to have readership and I enjoy a following but foremost is my need to get my thoughts out.  I could construct sentences with strong grammatical structure but boring and unappealing presentation, with the best of them but it’s not me.  I would rather not blog. ‘I saw a man today’ just doesn’t have the same ring as ‘Guess what I saw today?  Yes, a man!’  A few contractions thrown in for good measure goes a long way too.  I have no dreams of a book deal or being found and this enables me to write without constrictions and restrictions.  Get it out there, make sure they could understand everything and move on to the next blog.  That’s my motto.

So next time we feel the urge to dissect someone’s blog, let’s remember that we are privileged to be sharing their personal head space.  Don’t hate, appreciate.

For those of you who make a living with your blogs, I realize that your T’s have to be crossed and your I’s dotted as your career depends on it. For the casual bloggers like me who dare not dream, blog happily away!

Just my take.


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4 thoughts on “Don’t hate, appreciate the bloggers

  1. Great point! It’s so easy for people to over analyze other people’s blogs.

  2. If someone is sharing a testimony with you or having a serious conversation, we don’t judge their grammar, we don’t (or shouldn’t) criticize their word choices, we rather listen to what they are saying…if we are really listening and trying to connect with them. Same for bloggers; we should grant them license to express themselves as they see fit, not as we see fit.
    Thanks for the honest candor…or is that cander…or maybe candur…oh well..:)

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