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Disrobed Judge faces disrobing

In a case that is taking the country by storm and putting my city on the map, but not in a good way, a local judge is on the hot seat defending herself against allegations that she knowingly hid her spotted background during the screening process for her job.  She failed to disclose the naked truth about herself, so to speak.

The story has more turns and twists than a bait worm contorting on a fish hook.   Apparently Jack King uploaded his wife’s photos sans robe, on a website without her knowing.  She did however, knowingly took the pics but had no idea what became of them after that until she got the call from Hugh Hefner.  Just kidding, jeez, can’t a guy have some fun with this?

Jack also tried to coerce and twist the rubber arm of a brother, (As in black guy) Alex Chapman, to get him to engage in some hanky panky with him and his unsuspecting wife, in her chamber perhaps?  Alex at first had no issue with  seducing ‘your honor’ but later voiced objections, which were sustained.  Anyways, cash was exchanged and a confidentiality agreement was signed by Alex to keep mum about the nudes and the offers Mr. King made to him.  After all, risqué photos never come back to haunt anyone.

This all happened in 2003.  Time passed and the potentially lethal volcano lay dormant but still highly explosive.   (Wow! Did I just wax poetic there or what?) then in 2010, it exploded.  Alex, sill harboring thoughts of what could have happened, decided that he could maybe squeeze some more money out of this situation.   He tried to sue Lori and Jack  on the grounds of sexual harassment and the resulting investigations and court hearings got us to where we are now.  Read it here for yourself or Google the sordid circus act.

So Jack the lawyer, moonlighting as a Hustler photographer, was ordered by whoever lawyers report to, to pay a few thousand dollars for his major part in all of this.  His practice was left intact.  His law practice that is.   Not sure if he’s still practicing photography and solicitation.  His wife, who still maintains her ignorance, is faced with losing her livelihood.  The scales of justice seems a bit unbalanced here, doesn’t it? Or is it just me?  Jack started this whole mess and that’s all he got? I guess his buddies at the law firm didn’t know Jack.

I realize she may be lying through her teeth but her husband confirmed that she was not privy to any of his dirty deeds past the  nude photos taking.  It is difficult to prove that she did indeed know so it boils down to her word against the judiciary council’s and if it doesn’t fit, then they must acquit.  Right? Isn’t that how it works? If not, what do I know? I am not a law student but it sure did work for OJ.

When asked if there was anything in her background that would reflect on poorly on the judiciary,  Lori was quoted as saying, “Well this one time at band camp…”




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