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Potato soup

mmmm….so filling


Do you know what is the best food for filling you up so you don’t go eating like a pig all day?  Me neither.  I doubt there is any, at least in my case.


I don’t have a weight problem, thanks to good genes (or is that jeans?) and a high metabolism, but I do have a problem with portions.  I eat it all! All of it! At any time.  So quite naturally, I am always on the lookout for foods that the pros recommend for keeping us feeling full longer.  As I call them ‘Filler-upper foods’.


Here is a list of the top ten and how they stack up.


Porridge – This apparently is supposed to be the top dog for filler-uppers.  Have it first thing in the mornings and you should be good until lunch.   Who are they kidding? Porridge fills me up for a good two hours and that’s it!  By lunch time, I am starving.  I should know, I have a bowl or two every morning.


Potatoes – Um, yeah? Do you mean potato chips?  Maybe if I munch on chips all day long I’ll be full.


Soup – SOUP?  Are you kidding me?  Soup tells you that your food is on its way, so warm up the digestive system.   Seriously folks?  You want me to eat a bowl of soup and stay full?  Just for the records, I don’t like soup much.


Pasta – Now we are talking! After a few bowls of pasta, I am usually good for a while.  I said a while,  don’t get carried away now.


Oranges – If you offer me an orange when I say I am hungry, I will throw it back at you.  I eat an orange AFTER my meal, not before.  It’s a snack or a dessert and not intended to fill anyone up.


Popcorn – Say what? I have popcorn during a movie and when the movie is over, I can hardly wait to eat  real food.  Maybe it’s from seeing all that food in the movies. I love popcorn!


Beans – This turns to gas in your tummy so it’s a case of  ‘fill er up’.  Beans is part of my meal, as in a side dish.  It doesn’t do the trick. My father-in-law would sing, ‘Beans beans, the national fruit.  The more you eat it, the more you toot’.


Peanuts – Where is banana on this list?


Salad – Bush! If salad was a filler-upper food, do you think they would serve it before your entrée at restaurants?   Think about it.  A comedian once said,  ‘Salad ain’t food.  Salad is what food eats.’


So my quest for the perfect filler-upper food continues…stay tuned folks!






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