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Monkey follows olympic gymnast

That’s not the monkey bar!

May I have your attention please…Hello! Hello!  Oh, there you are, sorry for yelling.  I have another blog that is screaming for release.  Plus, it’s relevant to the Olympics which is taking place now, so I want to get it out there while it’s still relevant and fresh.

Ok, where do I start? Have you been following the Olympics at all? Even minimally?  If so, then you must have heard about Gabby Douglas, the darling of the games.  Gabby  happens to be black, (Go Sista! Represent!) and kicks some serious ass in gymnastics.  Yes! A black girl dominating a sport usually not reserved for us colored folks. Damn, I just identified my race. I hope this doesn’t interfere with our relationship.

Gabby Douglas, in winning the gold medal, became the very first African-American to do so.  Every television network worth their salt was talking about her exploits and NBC was no exception.  Well except what transpired after they were done talking about Gabby Douglas.  As soon as the sportscaster finished telling viewers what an accomplishment it was for an African-American girl to capture gold in such an event, the network proceeded to air an ad featuring a monkey doing gymnastics.  It was for a new show in that they were starting in the fall.

I am mad! I am steamed! I am upset! (Aren’t you going to ask me why?).  You automatically thought I am mad because of the monkey following Gabby?  Do I see it as an act of terrorism racism? Heck no.  I am mad about the protesters who took to twitter and other social media, to cry foul over this blatant act of racism.  (sarcasm).  Had I seen that apparent faux pas, I promise you that even as a brother, I would not have drawn such a conclusion.  It know that maybe I should be happy that us blacks have Twitterers and Facebookers looking out for our best interest but please I beg you, stop it! You are the ones who are waking up sleeping dogs here.   You see dead people.  You are just looking for a cause to protest.  Come on already!  Remember the Slave Shoes Adidas was attempting to produce?  They had ankle chains that prompted an outcry from those who cried foul and cried on their social media because it evoked memories of slavery.  Gad! Gimme a break! Adidas also had to issue an apology and dished production.
NBC was forced to send out an apology on their ill-timed ad.  In my opinion, or IMHO, this should have been a non-issue.  We should be celebrating this girl’s major accomplishment, not forever tarnishing it with our small-minded observations.  For all we know, it could have been an act of racism or maybe not.  We don’t know and we shouldn’t care. What people are saying behind our backs is none of our business.

Congratulations Gabby! Get that monkey off your back!

Note:  After all is said and done, I do agree on one thing, that the ad was indeed wrongly timed and as humans, we do suffer from foot in mouth diseases or brain freezes.


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