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Texteritis almost claimed driver!

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Texteritis warning

I wrote a blog a while ago about the new pandemic that was sweeping the world, texteritis.  Many of you did not believe me and ventured out without protection from this dreaded killer disease.   Some of you paid a high price and some barely made it.  Here’s a story of one such reader who barely made it.

By Jordana Divon

With all the horrific stories about texting and driving, it’s amazing how many people continue to do it.

And as QMI Agency reports, a 21-year-old man got a pretty terrifying reply from the universe to one of his on-the-road messages.

Chance Bothe had just typed: “I need to quit texting because I could die in a car accident” to a friend when he lost control of his pickup, flew off a bridge and went careening into a ravine 35 feet below. The Texas college student survived — but barely.

A hospital report revealed he suffered traumatic brain injuries, a broken neck, a punctured lung, compound leg fractures, a fractured skull, sternum and rib fractures, and a fractured face that required reconstructive surgery. Bothe required extensive surgery and six months of rehabilitation.

To his credit, the young man is turning his ordeal into a living lesson. He plans to spread the message, by example, that you can be a great driver and an even more dexterous texter, but there’s a reason both machines should be operated separately.

Now I hope that he learned a valuable lesson.  People, texteritis is serious!  Do not take it lightly.  You were warned.


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