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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s my birthday and what kind of a blogger would I be if I could not spare a few minutes to write a birthday blog?  (Don’t answer that.  it’s called a rhetorical question).

A Birthday can be a wonderful event worth embracing.  A birthday signifies you are still alive, which is more than a lot of people could say. (Lots of dead people can’t say much).  It’s a milestone to be thankful for, especially if you are blessed with health and a loving family.

Some of us look at birthdays as markers or reminders in the race to the precipice.  No one wants to get old.  Our birthday reminds us that we are getting older, like it or not.  One day you and I are going to be that ‘old man’ or ‘old woman’ we used to refer to when we were younger.  So take it like a man!

So, since birthdays carry so much weight, why isn’t there a law that makes it mandatory for employers to give paid days off for employees celebrating birthdays?  Instead of extended Sunday shopping hours, wouldn’t this be a better option?  Businesses would lose money?  Well not really.  What do you think most of us would do on those days off?  Go shopping of course!   A total win-win situation if I ever did see one.  But that will never happen, not as long as Corporations and Government and Greed continue to engage in a threesome.

No harm in dreaming, especially when it’s your birthday.  I could even dream of the possibility of having the third best day of the year declared a national holiday.  (The other two are Christmas and Easter).  Scrap that, a universal holiday.  August 8th of course.  It’s my birthday, I could cry dream if I want!

While back in reality, it’s my birthday today and I am one year older. The day looks exactly the same as any other day, which is very surprising.  I did not wake up to fireworks or birthday breakfast or a voicemail from my boss telling me to take the day off.  My shoulder still hurts, I am still tired and my three little boys still expect me to cater to their every need, just like any other day.  It should very well be their birthday for all intent and purposes.

But you know what?  I AM LOVING IT!  I AM ALIVE!

If today is also your birthday, lucky you! Have a Happy Birthday!

Note:  To wish the writer (me) a Happy Birthday, just click the ‘like’ button.  Clickers never have to reveal their identities and the writer (me) would never know if you really liked it or not.


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