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Moving Day!

Our New House!

Yesterday was ‘key day’. The day we get the keys to our new house and do a walk-through with the general contractor and record anything not to our liking.

It was supposed to be a piece of cake, the final piece of the puzzle. Except someone, somewhere, forgot to tell that to the other parties involved. First off, our mortgage lender got the lawyers all confused with each other and sent the wrong figures to the wrong lawyer. The result meant that we were still signing legal closing documents, less than ten minutes prior to taking possession. (It could have been salvaged a day earlier but as luck would have it, our agent took the day off sick).

When we thought it was a done deal, the lawyer who was supposed to release the funds to his client (Builders) before the keys could be handed to us, decided that he didn’t want to work a full shift on a beautiful Friday. He conveniently forgot that others were relying on him. Heavily.

Our lawyer, finally a good lawyer! called him and suggested that he intercepted him while he was driving to his cabin, cottage or wherever lawyers hang out on beautiful Fridays. So they agreed to meet in a parking lot, get funds released then notify the builders who in turn would notify the contractor who was giving us the walk-through and then he would willingly give us the keys. Except it didn’t go like that. We finished looking for troubled spots and waited and waited. And then waited some more. No calls came in. The contractor called the builders. No answer. We went home.

I was stressing and praying fervently. I had friends scheduled to meet me the next day, (today) to help move and our appliances were scheduled to be delivered that same day too. If this didn’t go, we would have to wait until Monday. Plus the hardwood floors guys were on their way to drop off the wood. Woe is me/us!

When we got home, we got a call from our lawyers secretary. It was done! Yay! Imagine my relief and excitement! I am guessing it was done at least a few hours before but someone again forgot to make the call but anyways it’s done.

Today is moving day! It’s going to be a rough week coming up. I’ll tell you all about it…


We are moving!


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3 thoughts on “Moving Day!

  1. Oh my gosh Carlos!! I totally 100% feel for you, sounds almost identical to the crap we went through with our home last year!! not fun at all…
    Only, we were technically “homeless” for 5 days WAITING on the lawyers and our brokers, we had to move out of our house and our stuff was all in a uhaul, my parents garage and a POD.. it was not fun. I’m so glad you guys got the keys and can’t WAIT to see the house!! So happy for you!! =) xox

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