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Home sweet home, complete with wake-up alarm and the sandman

Home Sweet Home!

Phew!  That was one hectic couple of weeks!  I am finally able to catch up on my blog.  Those of you who have read a few of my blogs will know that our family  just moved into a new house.  One of my last blogs, here, detailed the setbacks that we went through up to the last day of possession.  I am thrilled and happy to report that we are all moved in and loving the new house a lot!

Amie and I had promised ourselves that on our first night in the house, we would try the jet-tub.  We got home late and tired but still fulfilled our promise and enjoyed a rare moment together in the tub.  It was a long time since we last did that.

We woke up to a bitter dose of reality on our first morning.  We planned to sleep in and savor the sweet relief of finally getting everything moved in and done with.  That was not to be.  At 5:30am, the sound of someone noisily moving around downstairs, woke up both Amie and me.  We jumped up to investigate.  No one was in our house.  No, not exactly in the house but around the house.  The stucco guys had arrived and had their scaffolding set up around the house and were doing their thing.  There was loud music from their boom box and they yelled insults at each other as they worked.  IT WAS 5:30AM!  Well on the bright side, we were the first of the batch to get stuccoed.

Our new house has windows everywhere and they are still uncovered.  On our bedroom window, a broken down cardboard box acted as temporary blind.  The body parts of the stucco guys could be seen around this makeshift blind.  I ran downstairs and was greeted by faces in every window.  Gad!

Our cardboard window covering

I decided to seek some form of privacy in the bathroom but that was not to be.  Hi neighbor!  My bathroom window was facing their office or bedroom window!  And mine was slightly lower to boot!  I ran downstairs to the other bathroom. Same thing! Do these people have windows conveniently placed or what? Well when you have to go you have to go, so I went.

Construction all around me

Back to the stucco guys.  It was an all-day affair that the boys and I had to endure.  (Mommy was at work).   Later in the afternoon, it was time for us to go to Folklorama.  The boys opened up the front door and ran back yelling, “Daddy! We can’t go out that way! The door is blocked!” Ok boys, don’t be silly, just go out.  We are running late.  Oh, what’s this?  My front door was sealed off by a sheet of plastic!  It’s ok boys, we’ll just go out the garage.  No luck, that too was effectively sealed off!  I felt like I was in a cocoon.  “Guys! We need to leave!” I yelled to the stuccoers.  “Go through the back door.” Was the curt reply from somewhere up above.  “I can’t. I have three little kids and the drop is almost five feet.”  The voice from above told me to get a knife and slice a path through.  I complied and we were finally able to escape our home sweet home. (It pays to listen to the voice from above).

We will have to put up with our early morning greeters for a bit longer as there is still some work left to be done on our house plus they are building around us in every direction. (The worst is that I’m constantly running around checking to see who is doing what to my house, when it’s actually the house next door).  It’s a new development so it is to be expected.  We also must contend with the dust which settles on everything right after  a thorough cleaning, especially the hardwood.  That too is only temporary and does not dampen our spirits or enjoyment of a new house.

Yesterday, I bought some low-visibility adhesive to apply to the windows in the bathrooms.  I forgot to mention that I also installed my first dishwasher.  Yes! Well not so fast, I still have to go and check out why it didn’t drain after the first wash.  Minor issue. Like they say at Macdonald’s, We Are Loving It!

Won’t trade this view from my kitchen window for anything


Moving Day!



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2 thoughts on “Home sweet home, complete with wake-up alarm and the sandman

  1. Marlena on said:

    So funny! Glad your first few nights went as planned! 5:30 is slightly early to be banging around someones home.

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