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Our first house project – Garage storage

Amie and I started and completed our first project today.  It was nothing too extravagant, just building a garage shelf to put some of our stuff away.  It went very well and we managed to stay upbeat and positive throughout.  No throwing tools at each other or yelling expletives.  I must say, I was impressed and proud at the end of it all.  The best part of it was the wife actually used my suggestions!

Stuff everywhere! We need shelves!

The framing for the shelf. Note the work table.

Seriously, I did work other than take pics. No one ever take pictures when I work

Finished shelf. Now what’s next? It’s no use to us lying on the floor.

Well look at that, a shelf and peg board for my tools! Of course the wife gets in the pic.

Tomorrow, phase two of our project continues. We are not stopping until we can fit a vehicle in our garage.  Don’t wish us luck yet, in a few weeks we start our big project, finishing the basement by ourselves in a few weeks.  We might need luck then.


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