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And Mik is starting Grade 1!

Hmm…what do I want to be when I grow up?

Mikhail would be very upset with me if I blogged about his little brother starting preschool but not about him starting grade school.  After all, he’s been talking about it all summer.  “Daddy, I can’t nap anymore because I am in grade one now, I am a big boy”  I have heard that saying too many times.  ‘Can’t do this, can’t do that because I’m in grade one’.

Well he’s right on one thing, my number one son is indeed becoming a big boy and he is going to grade one today.  The saying ‘They grow up so fast’ has never been more evident.  I marvel at how much his conversations have changed.  He has even stopped watching the shows that he used to watch as according to him, ‘they are for babies’.

I can be a clown…

A few nights ago, I was putting Mik and his brothers to bed and giving them their nightly cuddles.  As I played with Treyton, making him giggle with my silly antics, Mikhail asked, “Daddy, how come you never play with me like that and make me laugh when we cuddle?”  I replied, “Well Mik, you are a big boy now so instead of playing baby games with you, I talk to you about your day and about school.  That’s what big boys do.”  He insisted that he’d rather I make him laugh, so I did.  After some fake laughing, he said, “Daddy, let’s talk instead.  What do you want to talk about?”

Good luck in grade one, Mikhail!  Can’t wait to hear your stories.  Or maybe I could…Daddy is going to miss picking you up after your half day classes and going to McDonald’s.  God’s blessing and protection on all of you as you go to school.

I know! I could be a model!


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